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Kitchen Remodeling

Food and family life are centered in the kitchen. It is essential that the design of this room, more than any other, offer the best in comfort, functionality and durability. Inside and Out Renovation will craft your kitchen to be the heart of your home.

Bathroom Remodeling

Whether it is taking a little quiet time in your own personal spa or letting your guests know that you value beauty through the design of your powder room, Inside & Out can bring your creative ideas to life through the design and construction of any bathroom in your home.

We are open for new projects.

Outdoor Living Spaces

At the end of a hectic day or on a quiet afternoon there is nothing better than sitting outside and enjoying the sounds of nature with your family or friends. Inside & Out can help create the perfect tranquil setting, from adding or expanding a deck, to creating an outdoor kitchen or living room.


Have you noticed that your house needs to be repainted every other year, or are you tired of hearing the neighbors even when they are talking normally? Here at Inside & Out our philosophy is to reduce your current and future maintenance; this is accomplished through the use of time tested materials that endure the elements and careful installation.

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Complete Interior Transformations

Do you feel like the space you live in is not your own? Maybe you recently purchased your home and the location and outline are right but the details aren’t. You want a place you can call your own, one that has everything where is belongs. Here at Inside & Out our team is ready to put your dreams into reality by listening to your desires and superbly crafting the end result.


Increasing the size of your current home is not a recent trend – this is usually more economical than trading up to a larger home. If you have been wishing for another four feet in the kitchen or wish to move around more easily in the master bedroom, then the best thing to do is to expand your current space.