Family Room Modernization in Brier

The owners of this lovely Brier home wished to modernize the family room and also save some space at the same time. The first picture shows the fireplace as the builder installed it. After a couple of rounds of design modifications the final design was chosen.  The biggest concern...

Issaquah Fireplace

After dealing with a leaking chimney for the winter, this Issaquah customer wanted to dry out and have some real warmth in the family room. They wanted to eliminate the dated brick look and go with a more modern, clean face design. This picture shows some of the damage...

Seattle Fireplace and Flat Panel

A Seattle customer requested a fireplace in the living room with the ability to have a flat panel TV above the fireplace. We designed a hidden compartment above the fireplace to house the Blue Ray player and the cable box.

Bellevue Fireplace and Library

This beautiful bookcase and see through fireplace in Bellevue are exactly what the customer wanted. Since the most treasured item in the home is shelf space for books, the ensemble was designed to maximize shelf space with every square inch effectively used.

Fireplace Remodel That Lets in the View

This home has a lovely 270 degree view overlooking the Sound. The owner wished to see that view when he entered his front door instead of a blank wall. He jumped at the suggestion that the wall could be replaced with a window by reducing the height of the...

East Bellevue Fireplace Remodel

In a beautiful East Bellevue home, the owners wished to have an alternate source of heat and the husband wanted to have the ability to hang a TV above the fireplace. This project involved removing floor to ceiling brick, installing conduit for future entertainment and then providing a more...

South Bellevue Fireplace Facelift

In a South Bellevue home, the owner wanted to replace her aging gas insert with an air tight model. This home still had the original brick which was replaced with a more modern style mantel. In the finished picture the fireplace has not yet been installed.